Thanks to my cancer being caught very early

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It has been 11 days since I received the phone call from my surgeon to let me know I am now cancer-free. My fears about my future were lifted there and then. I am able to go back to work and I…

Keep it simple.

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It’s good to be grateful about what you have in life but you do not need to force yourself to be grateful. …

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I have now decided to put myself out there on twitter for the following reasons.

To see if it will direct readers to my medium blog.

To start networking and develop that more. My networking skills have always been rusty and as an introvert I have struggled with this.


The Fylde Witch

Petr Sidorov, (Unsplash)

Meg Shelton (born Margery Hilton) who lived in Britain was crushed between a wall and a barrel in 1705. Accused of witchcraft and being able to shapeshift she was feared by the locals.

Farmers accused her of souring milk and killing their livestock. When Meg died she…

The Tale Of Stingy Jack

(Annie Spratt, Unsplash)

Apparently the devil can be easily fooled as this tale goes! In Ireland there lived a man who was known as ‘Stingy Jack’ . Being ‘stingy’ usually mean a person who is unwilling to share with other also being mean and tightfisted when it comes…


‘Variety is the spice of life’ Lover of quotes and quiet time! Please feel free to support my writing here

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