Thanks to my cancer being caught very early

(Karolina Grabowska, Pexels)

It has been 11 days since I received the phone call from my surgeon to let me know I am now cancer-free. My fears about my future were lifted there and then. I am able to go back to work and I…

Thanking the National Health Service

(Red Dot, Unsplash)

I have been in hospital more times since the start of the pandemic than in my entire life and I am thankful and very grateful for our National Health Service.

Thank you to the National Health Service for all the work you have done during the pandemic.

Keep it simple.

(Matheus Bertelli, Pexels)

It’s good to be grateful about what you have in life but you do not need to force yourself to be grateful. Better to be truly grateful in the moment when you feel it than feel obligated to do it because you think it will make you…

A short poem

(Mikhail Nilov,Pexels)

Some people have the gift of hearing what others cannot hear,

Some have the gift of seeing what others cannot see,

Some people have a knowing of what is to come,

Some have the above all rolled into one.

Some people extraordinarily gifted in foresight,

They travel amongst the ordinary people who

are unaware how multifaceted the world is.

To the many they are invisible,

Even to the invisible there are hidden realms,

A world within a world within a world.

( Frank Cone,Pexels)

At night she calls to me,
With her pale faced beauty,

Hypnotized by her lonely eyes,
Something starts to stir inside,

She makes me want to bear my soul,
The beast within me whispers let go,

So I cry and howl and I sing tonight,
For her shining grace has become my light,

Her face so full her cheeks so round,
As I sit alone on the dark damp ground,

Oh moon, oh gentle moon,
You have returned once more,

Oh Moon, oh precious moon,

It is you that I adore.


‘Variety is the spice of life’ Lover of quotes and quiet time! Please feel free to support my writing here

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