How To Create A Vision Board

5 min readDec 12, 2020

The Best Way To Start

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Having a vision board is a great way to put your goals all into one place. It is a great tool to help remind you of what you are aiming for in life. I have used vision boards for the last few years. My vision board has evolved over time from magazine images glued on to an A4 sheet of paper to a magnetic board with images I can easily replace. I also have a vision board on my mobile as my screen saver.

The best time to start a vision board is right now but ideally at the start of the New year. Write a list of what you want out of the next twelve months. Do you want to change your job? Have more money saved in the bank? Move to a new house? Or Go on that dream holiday?

Once you have an idea start looking for images from magazines, Pinterest or use google images. Then you will need something to put the images on it can be anything from a big sheet of card, a cork board, magnetic board, or a piece of wood.

The best video that explains a vision board well is one by Eric Bailey on the YouTube channel ‘Feel well, Live well’. He divides the vision board into nine areas which makes it so much easier especially if you are just starting out. The nine ares are:

Wealth, Reputation, Spiritual

Relationships, Health, Love

Careers/Education, Hobbies, Travel

Wealth — Images of cash or what wealth means to you. Images of cash in the currency you use with the amount ideally you want to earn. You could alter your bank statement to the type of income you would like, take a picture and place on your vision board.

Reputation- It could be you want to become more of a family man, place family pictures here. Maybe that car you have always wanted to show your social status. Or it could be a word that relates to the type of reputation you would like.

Spiritual — you can place images of your own church, temple, or mosque. Images of meditation, nature, or symbols of faith. If you are not religious/spiritual you can place a quote, affirmation or image of nature or flowers you love.

Relationships — This is family and friends. Photos of your friends on a great night out…




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