How a supplement lead to a diagnosis.

On Monday 7th June I was called into the hospital awaiting results of a biopsy. I was nervous a little in denial but also knew deep down something was wrong. I was called in by the doctor accompanied by a nurse. The doctor very kind and compassionate but with tears in her eyes told me I have cancer. luckily at grade one, which means they have caught it early. Yet I wonder if I had not told the doctor about the supplement I was taking and if I had not taken it at all I wonder if the cancer could potentially have gone unnoticed for longer.

Several months ago I started taking the supplement “ Royal Jelly” As I usually take omega 3 for my arthritis but due to covid-19 I found I could not get hold of omega 3 so easily and thought I would try “Royal Jelly” instead. After three months of taking the supplement my menstrual cycle became unbearably painful and I even had pain when not menstruating. I put the first month down to a bad period but after three months of this I called the doctor who said they would arrange for a pelvic scan to be done. After another two months and symptoms getting worse I went to urgent care after several lumps had fallen out of me. Scared and thinking these were tumors I decided quickly to take a sample in a pot and go to urgent care. The doctors on seeing the lump rushed through a pelvic scan. The scan revealed a polyp in my womb which was nothing to worry about, but an appointment for a hysteroscopy was booked. This procedure was very painful and they couldn’t get a good enough biopsy due to the pain I was in and not being under anesthetic. So Another appointment was made for me to have it done under general anesthetic. I had told the nurses and doctors that I was taking “Royal Jelly” whilst also drinking raspberry leaf tea as I thought these were good for me.

It was while I was waiting in the hospital that I saw a poster on a board about mentioning supplements you are taking to a doctor. This prompted me to look up the side effects. Royal Jelly contains small amounts of estrogen and taking raspberry leaf tea can irritate some women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis or fibroids- it can actually make fibroids worse! Any slight change in too much estrogen or progesterone can change a balance in our bodies. Too much estrogen can cause thickening of the womb — hyperplasia which was what I was diagnosed with — A typical Hyperplasia which means abnormal cells are present.

The second hysteroscopy went well and a letter arrived in the post to say that they had taken a good biopsy and had a good look at my womb and would be in touch within three weeks with the results.

It wasn’t three weeks but five days after that procedure I received a phone call on Friday 4th June asking me to attend hospital for the following Monday. I am still processing the news and find it weird when I say “I have cancer” It’s not quite sunk in yet.

I am scared to tell friends as I know they have certain beliefs about the law of attraction and that negative thoughts cause illness and disease. I don’t know whether to tell them or just get on with it and not say anything, yet I would like the support of people around me at this time. Whilst I believe in certain aspects of manifesting and the law of attraction I certainly do not believe that anyone would want to manifest cancer. There are children who are born and have cancer by the age of one, and I doubt any child would want to manifest that into their life nor any parent! I don’t want to tell people if they believe I have somehow manifested this into my life.

This frustrates me, I want to tell them but I don’t want to be judged for it either. I guess they will find out at some point so I might as well tell them and let the chips fall were they may.

I am due to have an operation to remove the cancer which will take away the option of bearing children myself. I have accepted this and see it as a sign that God would rather see me as a foster mother or adopt a child as I have a lot of love to give and know I could love a child as my own even if not biologically my own.

I am happy to report I have not taken Royal Jelly or Raspberry leaf tea for over two months now and my menstrual cycle has improved. Obviously there is no proof that any of this contributed to the cancer diagnosis, but I realize I must be sensitive to certain herbal and alternative supplements. I would caution people to always read the side effects and see how your body reacts. Please tell the doctor if you are taking herbal products, not all doctors are out to scold you and please follow the advice on the packaging, If in doubt speak to someone knowledgeable about herbs and supplements.

Lastly to all women please if you notice anything unusual from your normal menstrual cycle please go get it checked out don’t ignore the signs before it’s too late. Get an app make notes and talk to your doctor if anything is worrying you.

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