Nov 20, 2023

A poem

Photo by Duncan Sanchez on Unsplash

Lust is a fallen angel.

That whispers in the ear

“Take him”

“Make him yours”

Gilded hands covering up eyes

When uncovered you see differently

Love is absent in the heat of the moment

Lust leads to wild fires

Love is a chemical reaction found in sparks

Love is a slow burning candle

“Trample the embers with your feet”

The Angel whispers

Lust is love in disguise

Eyes of a predator

Seeking its prey

Lust is holding the vision

Eyes on the prize

Nothing getting in your way

Not even people

Lust is wanting the body without knowing the soul

Lust is the beast that wants control

Not all angels are made equal

The fallen love nothing more

Than confusing you to think lust is love

“I would do anything for you”

Is the song they sing.




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