My Top Five Poems With The Most Claps

2 min readApr 6
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I have been going over all the poems I have written since starting medium. Poetry has become a love of mine and I love playing around with words. These days I carry a notebook and pen just in case the inspiration takes hold. I believe I have come far from my very first poem titled ‘Ghost’ It was from an exercise in a writing magazine. I chose the theme ‘ghost’ then wrote a list of words on that theme. I then used the AB-AB rhyming scheme to put the poem together. I always thought that poetry was strict and that rhyming poetry was difficult and yet here I am writing poetry.

I then looked into how to write different poetry styles from simple acrostic and haiku poems to ekphrastic poetry, free verse and prose. I can say it made it easier when the poetry came from the heart and I had fun expressing myself with words especially for someone who grew up feeling I didn’t have a voice and was unheard.

So here are my top five most popular poems in order of most claps:


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