The Beloved Mug I’ve Had For Sixteen Years!

3 min readMar 31

Everyone has a special mug

(Authors own Photo)

Yes it’s true I have managed to keep a mug in perfect condition for over sixteen years! It is probably the longest standing mug in my life as I am prone to chipping them from time to time. However this is no ordinary mug oh no! This is the mug that would see me initiated into the ‘cult’ that was started by Englishman Danny Wallace a filmmaker, comedian, writer, actor and presenter.

In 2002 Danny Wallace accidently started a ‘cult’ when he was bored. He placed an ad in a local paper asking people to ‘join me’. Within months he had received several letters from people but he didn’t foresee that it would blow up to ‘cult’ size proportions. In order to join you had to send a snapshot photograph sent in an envelope with you stating you wanted to become a ‘joinee’.

In 2003 his book titled ‘Join me’ was published. It became a global movement to spread kindness. The cult rules were simple, every Friday every ‘joinee’ member had to commit to doing one random act of kindness to a stranger. The movement became known later as ‘The Karma Army’ you may have heard of it!

(Authors own photo)

So what does this have to do with my mug? Well In 2006 after my mental health breakdown and two suicide attempts I saw his books in a bookstore and asked for them as Christmas Present. I received his first book ‘Join me’ his smaller book called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ (R.A.O.K) and his second solo book called ‘Yes man’ By the end of boxing day I had read them all. I was inspired to become a part of the ‘Karma Army’ so I got my snapshot taken posted it off and wrote him a letter telling him about my mental breakdown.

I shortly received a postcard from the man himself Danny Wallace who wrote to tell me that he was glad I had joined and that he hoped it would help me after my breakdown. I can tell you that it did. It gave me something to keep going. I started with little random acts of kindness. One of my favorite's was to let people go in front of me in a queue. I posted sweets and chocolates through peoples letterbox and I even posted £5.00 through someone’s post box.


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