We Don’t Need Another Hero

Jun 17, 2024

A Poem

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

We don’t need another hero,
We don’t need another saint,
We just need decent leaders,
We just really need good teachers,
We no longer need ruling,
We need proper skills, not schooling,
We want love, peace, and unity,
Understanding, connection, and beauty,
Beneath all our flaws,
Is such a wonderful soul,
Connecting us all to the eternal source,
We don’t need barriers to keep us apart,
We just need a helping hand to start,
So be the first hand,
Make the first stand,
Pay it forward from moment to moment,
The future is now,
The future is ours,
If only we could open up our eyes and hearts to see,
This invisible thread that flows and connects us all,
For we really are one big family.

© Zoe Louise Eccles 2024. All Rights Reserved.




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